Top 5 Tech Breakthroughs That Empower People With Disabilities

The world can never forget the contribution of Stephen Hawking who was an inspiration to many. Though affected with a motor neuron disease – he was still able to communicate his thoughts with the help of technology. A sensor on his cheek muscle helped him type letters and numbers which further helped him in his communication. Read on further to know more about such technologies that can immensely benefit people with disabilities. You can also visit to know more about the development in this sector.

  • DynaVoxEyeMax system- Person affected with cerebral palsy and paralysis can make use of this gadget in communicating with others using only their eye movements. The tracking system helps in getting the messages on-screen which is then translated to speech mechanism.
  • Personal Navigation device – it can really challenge for a visually impaired person to walk down the streets which are not familiar to them. Not anymore; with the help of the GPS ingrained in the gadget the person can always know where they are.
  • Deka Arm – People who lost their limbs find this of immense help. The robotic arm helps in the better functioning of the lost limb. Moreover, the customization advantage the product offers makes it a unique one as it suits the need of every person who is in need of it.
  • Stair-climbing wheelchair – without the help of any other person, this device helps in people boarding the stairs easily. The product gives freedom and independence along with loads of confidence to its user.
  • Cochlear implants – though its origin is much earlier, the developments and additions this product has undergone are truly amazing. The sounds are picked up through a microphone which is converted to digital signals thereby stimulating the auditory nerve. This gadget has brought in a lot of change in the people who have auditory impairments. 

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