How (and When) to Limit Kids’ Tech Use in 2019

Even though technology is an excellent source for entertainment and learning for kids, many health implications are related to the screen time which the parents have to consider.  The children aged between 3 to 18 years of age should not be allowed screen time for more than 2 hours as per various studies conducted.  There are many reasons why parents should have restrictions on screen time.

Sleep- The most important reason is that the child might not be getting enough sleep.  With their after-school activities and homework, children will be hardly left with any time and spending time watching TV or checking phone will reduce their sleep time.

Social interaction- Whenever anyone uses technology, they will not be interacting much with others. Finding quality time to communicate with the children will turn out to be difficult.

Attention- There are studies which shows that the children who spend too much time watching TV or on the phone has been linked with attention problems.

Physical activity- The children will slowly begin to put on weight as there is reduced physical activity.

The above-mentioned issues are warning signs to limit the use of technology in children. The different ways one can define the screen time are listed below:

•    Please do not allow the children to carry their phone to their room or do not put the TV in the kid’s room.

•    Encourage them to engage in outdoor activities like learning a new sport, go for cycling, enroll in a gym class, etc. You can get various ideas for sports activities and outdoor games by visiting Doodlebuckets.

•    Set a specific time limit for screen time and should follow it religiously.

•    Encourage them to spend quality time with family by playing board games, helping the parents in gardening, cooking, household work, etc.

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