Here’s How Social Media and its Influencers are Driving Fashion

What we aped looking at glossy magazines and snazzy catwalks is now being presented on social media. What was just a realm of the rich and mighty and celebrities is now within reach of everyone on social media. It has now given everyone a chance to be a trendsetter with an ability to influence others on the social platform.

The millennials are more prone to following what they see on social media than the traditional forms of advertisement. They are influenced by the products their idols online use as also by their friends and their pictures. Understanding the need for peer validation in this generation all fashion brands are using media like Instagram to market their wares.

The ability to interact on a personal level with customers has given fashion brands a direct connection with the customer. The ability to connect to real people has opened new doors to the fashion industry as they are now aware of people of different skin tones, bodies and fashion preferences.

A unique way fashion brands influence users to use their brands is to encourage them to use their products and upload their pictures with it to win some prizes and gifts. Companies are also tagging their products in their posts to lead the users to the point-of-sale.

An effective strategy used by fashion brands is to work with influencers, who are essentially individuals with a large following, to market their products. Followers of these influencers will take any advice given or any product endorsed by this person as friendly advice and adhere to it. thus, when a fashion company joins hands with a social media influencer it is assured of roping in a majority of the followers.

It is now possible for social media users to proudly connect with their brand at

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