Cutting edge technology has revolutionized health care and now there is hope for millions across the globe who have suffered thus far due to lack of proper healthcare centers. It is now possible to provide support through tele health centers even in remote areas. Here are five technologies that we think have transformed the face of healthcare.

  1. Smartphones: The computing power of these handheld devices is mind-blowing; they are capable of not only entertaining you, keeping you connected but also double up as a health tracker. There are umpteen apps that can be downloaded to keep track of your health, dietary habits and exercise regimen. They also aid in data collection very useful for researchers in the medical field.
  2. Portable diagnostic kits: It is now possible and affordable for people to keep portable x-ray machines, blood testing kits, and other such equipment in their homes for an emergency. These devices are especially helpful for those not within the range of health centers. There are apps in the smartphone which help interpret the results. You can find here even detoxing kits to pass drug tests successfully.
  3. Assistive devices: People with disabilities now have more freedom as there are several smart assistive devices that help them with their daily tasks.
  4. Automated digital therapies: With advanced technology, several health conditions can now be treated via a laptop or a smartphone without personal intervention. Based on patient data the treatment is personalized. There are online therapies to help people prevent conditions like diabetes.
  5. Artificial intelligence:  With the new set of algorithms and machines becoming more intelligent medical practitioners hope to rely on machine learning to collate findings and data from previous case records to minimize mistakes and rule out unlikely options in diagnosis.

We are still at the tip of the iceberg and are yet to utilize the available technology to the optimum. Healthy days are ahead.…