Post surgery recovery can take a span of a few days to months. You don’t need to suffer boredom just because you are stuck in the bed. A variety of activities like reading, listening to music, movies can be carried out to drive away the boredom and exhaustion. However, the website MyMeditravel suggests playing the following games as an exciting thing to do during the recovery phase.

•    Playing classic board games like chess, Scrabble, Monopoly with visitors is a cool thing to do. You can even play the online versions of the classic games, hop to expert level and sharpen your gaming skills.

•    Video games are more likely to refrain you from growing bored. The latest model PlayStation, a PC or even an old gaming device is more than enough to play your favorite games. The options are endless. However, you can choose your game based on your interests and likes.

•    The puzzle game, Will’s world is iPhone compatible and quite challenging to play. People who are looking for something more compact can go for it.

•    You can do plenty of stuff with the best selling video game, Minecraft. You can set your own goals and switch between survival and creative modes.

•    The tell-tale adventurous games like Batman are absolute time killers. You need to face challenges and be ready to accept the awards and rewards for the things you accomplish.

•    You can consider playing Simcity, the popular video game series where you can design, create and shape your metropolitan city.

•    Role-play games like stardew valley can be quite interesting. A pretend to act with farmland, where you can cultivate crops, harvest, grow livestock and make money is given. Playing for a few hours per day is not going to do any bad to you; however, too much screen time and addiction can have adverse health effects.…

Even though technology is an excellent source for entertainment and learning for kids, many health implications are related to the screen time which the parents have to consider.  The children aged between 3 to 18 years of age should not be allowed screen time for more than 2 hours as per various studies conducted.  There are many reasons why parents should have restrictions on screen time.

Sleep- The most important reason is that the child might not be getting enough sleep.  With their after-school activities and homework, children will be hardly left with any time and spending time watching TV or checking phone will reduce their sleep time.

Social interaction- Whenever anyone uses technology, they will not be interacting much with others. Finding quality time to communicate with the children will turn out to be difficult.

Attention- There are studies which shows that the children who spend too much time watching TV or on the phone has been linked with attention problems.

Physical activity- The children will slowly begin to put on weight as there is reduced physical activity.

The above-mentioned issues are warning signs to limit the use of technology in children. The different ways one can define the screen time are listed below:

•    Please do not allow the children to carry their phone to their room or do not put the TV in the kid’s room.

•    Encourage them to engage in outdoor activities like learning a new sport, go for cycling, enroll in a gym class, etc. You can get various ideas for sports activities and outdoor games by visiting Doodlebuckets.

•    Set a specific time limit for screen time and should follow it religiously.

•    Encourage them to spend quality time with family by playing board games, helping the parents in gardening, cooking, household work, etc. …

Protecting the environment becomes the mantra in recent years, and more concern has been raised to protect the planet Earth from the pollution and other environmental hazards.  Pollution becomes a significant issue to be focused on the present scenario since the deterioration caused due to contamination is unbearable.  It leads to damages in the ecosystem affecting the entire ecosystem. 

Most of the industries and the organization started to take efforts in protecting the environment by employing Green technology wherever it is possible.  Like other industries, Wekratom products also produced eco-friendly, and it also gives improved results.

The following are the five benefits of Green technology;

•    The cost incurred in mining fossil fuels is more when compared with renewable energy costs.  Also, fossil fuels existence is more vital and essential to have a healthy environment and survival of the planet.  Depletion of fossil fuels may hinder the survival of the living organisms in the little future.

•    Newmarket and increased sales are created in all fields.  Establishing the industries and making it eco-friendly will become a major concern and also promote the sales of the eco-friendly products too.  We Kratom are one among them which employs is green technology.  Other automobile manufacturing sector also started producing cars and other vehicles with improved technology which will help to reduce the carbon dioxide emission.

•    Many government support services like subsidies and tax benefits can be availed when the industries and the business firms adopt green technology.  One can avail numerous benefits through green technology.

•    Overall performance and concern over the protection of the environment will help to boost the love for the planet, and it will have a significant impact among the people. 

•    The employees in those firms who are adopting techniques to protect the environment from the harmful effects have increased satisfaction.  The morale of the employees also increases and makes them feel proud to be a part of environmental protection.…

The world can never forget the contribution of Stephen Hawking who was an inspiration to many. Though affected with a motor neuron disease – he was still able to communicate his thoughts with the help of technology. A sensor on his cheek muscle helped him type letters and numbers which further helped him in his communication. Read on further to know more about such technologies that can immensely benefit people with disabilities. You can also visit to know more about the development in this sector.

  • DynaVoxEyeMax system- Person affected with cerebral palsy and paralysis can make use of this gadget in communicating with others using only their eye movements. The tracking system helps in getting the messages on-screen which is then translated to speech mechanism.
  • Personal Navigation device – it can really challenge for a visually impaired person to walk down the streets which are not familiar to them. Not anymore; with the help of the GPS ingrained in the gadget the person can always know where they are.
  • Deka Arm – People who lost their limbs find this of immense help. The robotic arm helps in the better functioning of the lost limb. Moreover, the customization advantage the product offers makes it a unique one as it suits the need of every person who is in need of it.
  • Stair-climbing wheelchair – without the help of any other person, this device helps in people boarding the stairs easily. The product gives freedom and independence along with loads of confidence to its user.
  • Cochlear implants – though its origin is much earlier, the developments and additions this product has undergone are truly amazing. The sounds are picked up through a microphone which is converted to digital signals thereby stimulating the auditory nerve. This gadget has brought in a lot of change in the people who have auditory impairments. 

Bitcoins being the new passage to become rich is becoming popular. There are many questions as to how to acquire it? But, be ready to do your bit of homework before investing in bitcoins.

  • The first way is to get started – there are many methods through which you can acquire bitcoins. Get your bitcoin through bank or credit card payment.
  • You can also get your bitcoin personally, through some websites or retail stores, but the difference is that it is traded for an exchange of cash.
  • You can get it through online sources by creating a wallet where you register yourself with cryptocurrency exchange. There are some of the top sites to trade cryptocurrency.
  • A Hybrid wallet is also one of the ways through which you can get your bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin ATMs are a recent trend, and this functions more like your ATM transaction but your cash gets transferred to Bitcoin.

It is very interesting to know that Bitcoins can be used to get anything that you want, right from a service to the high-end product in the market. Some of the ways in which it can be used are:

  1. Bitcoin gift cards can also be purchased in order to be used. A careful search through Merchant directories will give you a fair idea of getting the gift cards. Some websites also offer great discounts when you purchase gift cards.
  2. Trade you bitcoins through exchanges which will fetch you profit.
  3. Purchase online products by using the bitcoin logo in their websites.
  4. After you have purchased your bitcoin you can also hold it for some time for the value to increase like it is done in the stock market.
  5. Donations are also accepted through the bitcoin way. Many retailers and service providers accept donations through bitcoins.

What we aped looking at glossy magazines and snazzy catwalks is now being presented on social media. What was just a realm of the rich and mighty and celebrities is now within reach of everyone on social media. It has now given everyone a chance to be a trendsetter with an ability to influence others on the social platform.

The millennials are more prone to following what they see on social media than the traditional forms of advertisement. They are influenced by the products their idols online use as also by their friends and their pictures. Understanding the need for peer validation in this generation all fashion brands are using media like Instagram to market their wares.

The ability to interact on a personal level with customers has given fashion brands a direct connection with the customer. The ability to connect to real people has opened new doors to the fashion industry as they are now aware of people of different skin tones, bodies and fashion preferences.

A unique way fashion brands influence users to use their brands is to encourage them to use their products and upload their pictures with it to win some prizes and gifts. Companies are also tagging their products in their posts to lead the users to the point-of-sale.

An effective strategy used by fashion brands is to work with influencers, who are essentially individuals with a large following, to market their products. Followers of these influencers will take any advice given or any product endorsed by this person as friendly advice and adhere to it. thus, when a fashion company joins hands with a social media influencer it is assured of roping in a majority of the followers.

It is now possible for social media users to proudly connect with their brand at…

Cutting edge technology has revolutionized health care and now there is hope for millions across the globe who have suffered thus far due to lack of proper healthcare centers. It is now possible to provide support through tele health centers even in remote areas. Here are five technologies that we think have transformed the face of healthcare.

  1. Smartphones: The computing power of these handheld devices is mind-blowing; they are capable of not only entertaining you, keeping you connected but also double up as a health tracker. There are umpteen apps that can be downloaded to keep track of your health, dietary habits and exercise regimen. They also aid in data collection very useful for researchers in the medical field.
  2. Portable diagnostic kits: It is now possible and affordable for people to keep portable x-ray machines, blood testing kits, and other such equipment in their homes for an emergency. These devices are especially helpful for those not within the range of health centers. There are apps in the smartphone which help interpret the results. You can find here even detoxing kits to pass drug tests successfully.
  3. Assistive devices: People with disabilities now have more freedom as there are several smart assistive devices that help them with their daily tasks.
  4. Automated digital therapies: With advanced technology, several health conditions can now be treated via a laptop or a smartphone without personal intervention. Based on patient data the treatment is personalized. There are online therapies to help people prevent conditions like diabetes.
  5. Artificial intelligence:  With the new set of algorithms and machines becoming more intelligent medical practitioners hope to rely on machine learning to collate findings and data from previous case records to minimize mistakes and rule out unlikely options in diagnosis.

We are still at the tip of the iceberg and are yet to utilize the available technology to the optimum. Healthy days are ahead.…

Information about anything under the sun is available at your fingertips; you can get answers to all your queries through various online sites.   Knowledge is power and it helps a lot as you face many age-related issues.  Just AskMaryRD to get answers to any queries related to health and fitness.

Transportation- As you age, driving, parking, etc feels like a mundane task.  But thanks to the technology there are various ways app that helps in booking a cab and you could easily avail a cab with just a click. Also, the new cars are equipped with so many features which make driving so easy.

Monitoring your health – There are many smart electronic devices which helps in keeping a track of your health.  There are devices which show the number of steps you had taken in a day and how much calories you burned.  

Cosmetic surgery- Cosmetic surgery will do wonder for you and helps in boosting confidence. It is one of the best ways to remove scars, age spots and wrinkles and give you a healthy looking skin.  

Social connectivity- Social connectivity helps a lot in the aging process.  As you grow old, you will feel the loneliness especially when your children are settled elsewhere or because of the demise of your loved ones.  With the help of technology, one can have easy access to social media. It helps them to connect with their loved ones and maintain a social circle.

Work from home- With the technological advancements, one can easily work from home and age is not a criteria. It will keep you busy and helps in earning money for a longer period.

State-of-art health care facilitates- With all the advancements happening in the medical field, there’s a cure for most of the illness and also helps in early detection of chronic illness. …